I was born in the Republic of San Marino in 1983, I am a Sammarinese and Italian citizen.

After the  Sculpture degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna in 2008, I moved to Carrara where I attempted the leaving certificate of stonecutter at Professional Marble Institute "Pietro Tacca".

I started working on marble when no basic artisan jobs were available, so I learned to carve on my own art, learning near different sculptors from all over the word. Because of this first large influence, I research a universal language, shaping memories of the ancient female archetype and mixing figures as the spiral of geometrical symbols, always in a deep communication and exchange with the material that I carve .

As an artisan, when I work directly for the persons I design and realize all the projects, communicating and giving freedom to the committee.  


Until 2018  I will be working, both as an artisan and as an artist, on an important private commission of a series of monumental high reliefs in sandstone of 1,25 x 2,25  cm , based on the history of the Republic of San Marino, that will be placed in the center of its capital.

In the meantime I participate to important exhibitions, sculpture symposiums and ice carving shows. 



Exhibition, prizes and collaborations


- the sculpture "Handmade" has taken by the Art Gallery Instant'Art  (Saintes, France)


-collective exhibition"Bowie Blackstardust" at gallery SpazioCima (Rome, Italy);

-collective exhibition "Heart, part 1" at gallery Duomo (Carrara, Italy);

-collective exhibition "Carrara Open Studio" (Carrara, Italy)


-Biennale di Venezia, Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino (Venice, Italy);

-collective exhibition "Sculpture Network New Years' Brunch: 10x10, size matters?" (Carrara, Italy);

--collective exhibition "Carrara Open Studio" (Carrara, Italy)


-collective exhibition "Carved Stone Biennal of Arezzo" (Arezzo,Italy);

--collective exhibition "Carrara Open Studio" (Carrara, Italy);

-collective exhibition "Mare Nostrum" (Viareggio, Italy; -collective exhibition "Afrodsia Project" (Cuneo, Italy);

-collective exhibition "Fragili bellezze 2013, SOS terra arte vita" (Pietrasanta, Italy)


-collective exhibition "Mediterraneo, Torano notte e Giorno" (Carrara, Italy)


-performer for Vanessa Beecrofts' "VBmarmi" at the Studi Nicoli for Carrara Biennal (Carrara, Italy); -collective exhibition "Arterie", (Carrara, Italy);

-first prize and collective exhibition at the "III Rotary contest", hosted by Carrara Marmotec Fair (Carrara, Italy)


-collective exhibition at "Gubbio sculpture art Biennal" (Gubbio, Italy);

-first prize and collective exhibition at the "Art Woman contest" (Livorno, Italy)


-collective exposition International Art Festival of San Marino (Republic of San Marino)

; -collective exposition Forum Party One (Republic of San Marino); -collective exposition "Penelope goes to war"  (Republic of San Marino)


-collective exhibition "Forlì Art Biennal" (Forlì, Italy); -solo exhibition "Only the sound of a falling leaf" at Tanninowine (Republic of San Marino)





- Sculpture Symposium Surgéres (Surgéres, France) 


- First International sculpture Symposium of Sainte Auustine (Sainte Augustine, France)


-Hand Sculpture monumental Symposium Les Lapidiales (Port d'Envaux, France)


-1st International Sculpture Symposium on the Sea (La Spezia, Italy);

-21 International Wood and Stone Sculpture Symposium Sur En (Sur En, Switzerland)


- 8th International Open –Air Wood Sculpture Symposium Zielonka Forest (Plawno, Poland)


-1st International Hand Sculpture Symposium in Carrara (Carrara, Italy);

-10th International Wood Sculpture Symposium in Temù" (Brescia, Italy);

-organizer and sculptor of the "1st International Sculpture Symposium of the Republic of San Marino" (Republic of San Marino)


-1st International Wood Sculpture Symposium in Sonderborg (Sonderborg, Denmark);

-20th International Wood Sculpture Symposium in Hojer (Hojer, Denmark);

-12th International Sculpture Symposium De Stenen Poort (Borkel en Schaft, Holland).